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Spider facts
There are 111 families and around 40.000 described spider species in the world, but there might be as many as 200.000 different species in total.

In Europe, there are more than 4500 spider species, so it will take some time before this site is complete. ;-D

All spiders can produce silk. There are many kinds of uses for this: build nests, build webs for catching prey, make protective cocoons around the eggs etc.

Most spiders are poisonous (can inject venom when they bite), but very few are dangerous to humans. The majority of spiders can't bite through human skin. Only a few spider families are not poisonous. On this site it's only one, Uloboridae (see the Hyptiotes paradoxus spider).

Spiders are predators. Spider can catch prey in different ways: Catch them in nets, hunt them or ambush them.

The size of spiders range from less than 1 mm (0.05 inches) to about 9 cm (3.5 inches), not counting the legs.

Most spiders have eight eyes. There are some six-eyed spiders in Europe. Ther are a few examples in the world of four or two-eyed spiders.

Spiders are cute!

Spider facts:
To the left there are some facts about spiders. If you want to read more, I can recommend the Wikipedia spider facts.

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