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Spider family gallery

Agelenidae (Araneomorph funnel-web spiders)
Agelenidae spider photos

Amaurobiidae (Tangeled nest spiders)
Anyphaenidae spider photos

Anyphaenidae (Ghost spiders)
Anyphaenidae spider photos

Araneidae (Orbweavers)
Araneidae spider photos

Dictynidae (Meshweavers )
Dictynidae spider photos

Gnaphosidae (Stealthy ground spiders)
Gnaphosidae spider photos

Linyphiidae (Sheetweb weavers)
Linyphiidae spider photos

Lycosidae (Wolf spiders)
Lycosidae spider photos

Mimetidae (Pirate spiders)
Mimetidae spider photos

Nesticidae (Cave cobweb spiders)
Mimetidae spider photos

Philodromidae (Running crab spiders)
Philodromidae spider photos

Pholcidae (Cellar or Daddylongleg spiders)
Salticidae spider photos

Pisauridae (Nursery web spiders)
Pisauridae spider photos

Salticidae (Jumping spiders)
Salticidae spider photos

Segestriidae (Tunnel spiders)
Salticidae spider photos

Tetragnathidae (Longjawed orbweavers (Metidae) )
Tetragnathidae spider photos

Theridiidae (Cobweb weavers)
Theridiidae spider photos

Thomisidae (Crab spiders)
Thomisidae spider photos

Uloboridae (Hackled orbweavers)
Uloboridae spider photos

The photos to the left
shows examples of spiders from each featured spider family on this site. Click on a photo/headline to see bigger photos from that spider family.

If you know the name on the spider you are looking for, you might try the "All spiders on this site" in the menu on the left.



  © Stefan Sollfors,
No photos may be used in any way
without written permisson,
but feel free to link to individual pages.
I am a photographer, not an arachnologist. Although I spend a lot of time on spider identification, I can not give a 100% guarantee on the id of the spiders.