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Spider relatives:

Spider belongs to the "Arachnids".

In Europe there are mainly five common arachnid families. Apart from Araneae (Spiders), these are: Acari (Ticks and Mites), Opiliones (Harvestmen), Pseudoscorpiones (Pseudoscorpions) and Scorpions.

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Apart from these families there are also Amblypygi (Tailless whipscorpions), Palpigrade (Micro whipscorpions), Ricinulei (Hooded tickspiders), Schizomida ("split middle" whip scorpions with divided exoskeletons), Solifugae (Wind scorpions, Camel spiders, Sun spiders), Uropygi (Whiptailed scorpions, Vinegaroons).
Spider relatives:
Spiders belongs to the "Arachnids".

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I am a photographer, not an arachnologist. Although I spend a lot of time on spider identification, I can not give a 100% guarantee on the id of the spiders.