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Agelenidae (Araneomorph funnel-web spiders)
 Agelena labyrinthica (Labyrinth spider)
 Agelena orientalis (-)
 Malthonica pagana (-)
 Tegenaria atrica (House spider)
 Tegenaria domestica (Common House-spider)
 Textrix denticulata (Toothed weaver)

Amaurobiidae (Tangled nest spiders)
 Amaurobius fenestralis (Window lace-weaver)

Anyphaenidae (Ghost spiders)
 Anyphaena accentuata (Buzzing spider)

Araneidae (Orbweavers)
 Agalenatea redii (Gorse orbweaver)
 Araneus diadematus (Garden or Cross spider)
 Araneus sturmi (Evergreen orbweaver)
 Araneus quadratus (Four-spot orb weaver)
 Araniella cucurbitina (Cucumber spider)
 Cyclosa conica (Trash line spider)
 Hypsosinga albovittata (White-naped pyjama-spider)
 Gibbaranea omoeda (-)
 Larinioides cornutus (Furrow Orb-weaver)
 Larinioides patagiatus (Ornamental orbweaver)
 Larinioides sclopetarius (Bridge spider, Bridge orbweaver)
 Mangora acalypha (Cricket-bat orb weaver)
 Neoscona crucifera (-)
 Neoscona subfusca (-)
 Nuctenea umbratica (Walnut orb-weaver)
 Stroemiellus stroemi (Tree sector-spider)
 Zygiella atrica (Red-sided sector spider)
 Zygiella x-notata (Silver-sided sector spider)

Clubionidae (Sac spiders)
 Clubiona lutescens (Yellow sac-spider)
 Clubiona pallidula (Tree sac spider)
 Clubiona phragmitis (Reed sac-spider)
 Clubiona reclusa (Common sac-spider)
 Clubiona subsultans (Caledonian sac-spider)
 Clubiona trivialis (Northern sac-spider)

Corinnidae (Antmimic spiders)
 Phrurolithus festivus (Pretty ant-spider)

Dictynidae (Meshweavers )
 Dictyna arundinacea (Common mesh-weaver)
 Dictyna uncinata (Barbed mesh-weaver)

Gnaphosidae (Stealthy ground spiders)
 Callilepis nocturna (Moon spider)
 Micaria pulicaria (Glossy ant-spider)
 Micaria silesiaca (Sand ant-spider)
 Micaria subopaca (Pine-tree ant-spider)
 Trachyzelotes pedestris (Yellow-legged zipper)
 Zelotes latreillei (Latreilles zipper)
 Zelotes subterraneus (Subterranean zipper)

Hahnidae ()
 Antistea elegans (Marsh comb-tail)
 Cryphoeca silvicola (Hidden-hole spider)

Linyphiidae (Sheetweb weavers)
 Drapetisca socialis (Invisible spider)
 Erigone arctica (Coast money-spider)
 Floronia bucculenta (Floronia spider)
 Frontinellina frutetorum (-)
 Gongylidium rufipes (Orange-legged spider)
 Helophora insignis (Broad-tongued spiderlet)
 Hypomma bituberculatum (Marsh knob-head)
 Labulla thoracica (Shadow hammock-spider)
 Lepthyphantes minutus (Common tree-weaver)
 Lepthyphantes nebulosus (Misty ground-weaver)
 Linyphia triangularis (Common hammock-weaver)
 Macrargus rufus (Winter litter-spider)
 Microlinyphia pusilla (Small hanky-weaver)
 Neriene clathrata (Herb hammock spider)
 Neriene emphana (Black-tailed hammock-spider)
 Neriene montana (Spring hammock-spider)
 Neriene peltata (Platform hammock-spider)
 Neriene radiata (St. Pauls hammock-spider)
 Obscuriphantes obscurus (-)
 Pityohyphantes phrygianus (Pine-tree embroiderer)
 Stemonyphantes lineatus (Horse-head spider)
 Tapinopa longidens (Long-toothed spider)
 Tenuiphantes tenuis (Common ground-weaver)

Lycosidae (Wolf spiders)
 Acantholycosa lignaria (-)
 Alopecosa aculeata (-)
 Alopecosa fabrilis (Great fox-spider)
 Alopecosa pulverulenta (Common fox-spider)
 Alopecosa taeniata (-)
 Arctosa cinerea (Northern bear-spider)
 Pardosa amentata (Spotted wolf-spider)
 Pardosa agrestis (Field wolf-spider)
 Pardosa agricola (Shore wolf-spider)
 Pardosa lugubris (-)
 Pardosa monticola (Pin-stripe wolf-spider)
 Pardosa palustris (Marsh wolf-spider)
 Pardosa prativaga (Meadow wolf-spider)
 Pardosa pullata (Common wolf-spider)
 Pirata piraticus (Pirate otter-spider)
 Trochosa ruricola (Rustic wolf-spider)
 Trochosa terricola (Ground wolf-spider)
 Xerolycosa miniata (Dune wolf-spider)
 Xerolycosa nemoralis (Burnt wolf-spider)

Mimetidae (Pirate spiders)
 Ero furcata (Forked pirate)

Nesticidae (Cave cobweb spiders)
 Nesticus cellulanus (Cavity spider)

Oecobiidae (Flatmesh weavers)
 Oecobius sp (-)

Philodromidae (Running crab spiders)
 Philodromus aureolus (-)
 Philodromus cespitum (Turf running-spider)
 Philodromus margaritatus (Lichen running-spider)
 Thanatus formicinus (-)
 Thanatus striatus (-)
 Tibellus maritimus (-)
 Tibellus oblongus (-)

Pholcidae (Cellar or Daddylongleg spiders)
 Holocnemus pluchei (Marbled cellar spider)
 Pholcus phalangioides (Daddy-longlegs spider )
 Spermophora senoculata (-)

Pisauridae (Nursery web spiders)
 Dolomedes fimbriatus (Great Raft spider)
 Dolomedes plantarius (Fen Raft spider)
 Pisaura acoreensis (-)
 Pisaura mirabilis (Nursery Web spider)

Salticidae (Jumping spiders)
 Aelurillus v-insignitus (V-fronted jumper)
 Dendryphantes rudis (-)
 Euophrys frontalis (-)
 Evarcha falcata (-)
 Evarcha jucunda (-)
 Heliophanus cupreus (-)
 Heliophanus kochi (-)
 Marpissa muscosa (Fencepost jumper)
 Myrmarachne formicaria (Ant-jumper)
 Plexippus paykulli (Pantropical jumper)
 Pseudeuophrys erratica (Black-palped jumper)
 Menemerus semilimbatus (-)
 Salticus cingulatus (-)
 Salticus scenicus (Zebra spider or Zebra jumper)
 Sitticus pubescens (-)
 Sitticus terebratus (-)
 Synageles venator (-)

Segestriidae (tunnel spiders)
 Segestria senoculata (Snake-back spider or Leopard spider)

Sparassidae (Giant crab spiders (Heteropodidae))
 Micrommata virescens (Green Huntsman spider)

Tetragnathidae (Longjawed orbweavers)
 Metellina mengei (-)
 Metellina merianae (-)
 Metellina segmentata (Autumn spider)
 Meta menardi (European cave spider)
 Pachygnatha degeeri (-)
 Pachygnatha clercki (-)
 Tetragnatha dearmata (-)
 Tetragnatha extensa (Common stretch-spider)
 Tetragnatha montana (Shadow stretch-spider)
 Tetragnatha nigrita (Dark stretch-spider)
 Tetragnatha obtusa (Blunt stretch-spider)
 Tetragnatha pinicola (Silver stretch-spider)
 Tetragnatha striata (Striped stretch spider)

Theridiidae (Cobweb weavers)
 Achaearanea acoreensis (-)
 Achaearanea lunata (Crescent comb-foot)
 Achaearanea tepidariorum (Glasshouse comb-foot)
 Dipoena torva (Wild gallows-spider)
 Enoplognatha ovata (Candystripe or Polymorphic spider)
 Episinus angulatus (Common H-weaver)
 Euryopis episinoides (-)
 Keijia tincta (Tinted comb-foot)
 Latrodectus geometricus (Brown widow)
 Neottiura bimaculata (-)
 Steatoda albomaculata (White-spotted false-widow)
 Steatoda bipunctata (Common false-widow)
 Steatoda castanea (-)
 Steatoda grossa (Large false-widow)
 Steatoda nobilis (Noble false-widow)
 Steatoda paykulliana (False widow)
 Steatoda triangulosa (Oak-leaf false widow)
 Theridion hemerobium (-)
 Theridion mystaceum (-)
 Theridion sisyphium (Mother care spider)
 Theridion impressum (-)
 Theridion pinastri (Chobham comb-foot)
 Theridion varians (-)

Thomisidae (Crab spiders)
 Coriarachne depressa (-)
 Diaea dorsata (-)
 Misumena vatia (Goldenrod Crab spider)
 Ozyptila praticola (-)
 Xysticus audax (-)
 Xysticus cristatus (-)
 Xysticus robustus (-)
 Xysticus ulmi (-)

Uloboridae (Hackled orbweavers)
 Hyptiotes paradoxus (Triangle spider)
 Uloborus plumipes (Hothouse featherleg)

Zoridae (Wandering or Spiny-leg spiders)
 Zora spinimana (-)

Unidentified ()
 Azorean spiders (-)
 Cypriotic spiders (-)
 Greek spiders (-)
 Swedish spiders (-)

Pseudoscorpiones ()
 Chelifer cancroides (Pseudoscorpion)

Acari ()
 Ixodes ricinus (Tick)
 Mites Mite (Mite)


 Opilione sp (Harvestmen)
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